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Bhutan Tours with Culture & Festivals

Tashi Delek, Welcome to Bhutan (Country of gross Happiness)

A great example of traditional way of living in this modern days is Bhutan with gross happiness. If you wish to explore spiritual and simple life in 21st century Bhutan is one of  the country. This Himalayan kingdom journey will be life changing experience.

If you're looking for cheap cultural package tour cost in Bhutan, Raven Tours and Treks can assist you with cultural tours and Travel, private trips and small group sightseeing  tours throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan.

“Our company is  committed to providing respected clients with exceptional services, and the hands-on guidance and advice; only a Bhutan  based travel specialist can provide. We welcome bookings from anywhere in the world.”

Our company was established in the year 2004 and  one of the fastest growing for leading inbound tour operator based in the capital, Thimphu. All our trips are fully customized and leads all qualities trips with best rates guaranted. Our trips include from private cultural tour, small group trip to serious adventure and specialized photography journey . Also for those who are looking for unique experience, we specialize in charter helicopter in Bhutan and mountain flight services. Travel with us as a local and experience the exclusiveness.


The "Bhutan – Japan Friendship Offer" is for Japanese nationals only for the months of June, July & August 2016.

The offer includes the following Terms & Conditions
  • Visitors will not pay the mandatory minimum daily package rate of USD 200 per pax per night. Instead, the government will only levy the daily royalty of USD 65 per person per night.
  • Airlines will offer 50% discount on the airfares. Please find the airline rates here:Druk Air & Bhutan Airlines
  • Hotels will offer discounts up to 50%.
  • All visitors should book their trip to Bhutan through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator
  • The Offer is valid from 1st June – 31st August 2016.
  • The Offer is for Japanese nationals only.

Featured Bhutan tours and travel for 2016

paro, thimpu, punakha, wangdue tour Hidden Kingdom Bhutan Tours with hike to tiger's nest Day 01| Arrival in Paro, Bhutan – Thimphu Tour (1 Hr)
Day 02| Thimphu – Punakha Tour (2 ½ Hrs)
Day 03| Punakha sightseeing Tour
Day 04| Punakha – Paro Tour (3 ½ Hrs) — continue with tours itinerary
Bhutan Tours Duration: 06 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punaka / Wangdue
Date: all months
Cost of Tour: email us
paro-thimpu-punakha tour Best of Bhutan Tour with day hike to Tiger's nest Day 01| Paro, Bhutan – Thimphu Tours (1 Hr)
Day 02| Thimphu – Punakha Tours (2 ½ Hrs)
Day 03| Punakha – Paro Tour (3 ½ Hrs)
Day 04| Paro Sightseeing — continue with tour itinerary
Duration: 05 Days / 04 Nights
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha
Date: All months
Cost of Trip: email us
paro, thimpu, punakha, phobjikha tour Last Shangrila Tour with hike to Tiger's Nest Day 01| Arrival in Paro, Bhutan – Thimphu Tour (1 Hr)
Day 02| Thimphu – Punakha Tour (2 ½ Hrs)
Day 03| Punakha sightseeing Tours
Day 04| Punakha – Phobjikha Tours (6 Hrs) — continue with tour itinerary
Tours Duration: 07 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Phobjikha
Date: every day - any months
Cost of Tours: email us
Anamkora Bumthang Hotel Bhutan Luxury Tour 2016 Day 01| Fly to Bhutan Paro - Overnight in HOTEL | Uma Paro
Day 02| Drive to the capital city Thimpu - Overnight in HOTEL | Taj Tashi
Day 03| After breakfast at the hotel we’ll drive toward Dochu-La, one of the highest drivable passes in Bhutan. - Overnight in HOTEL | Uma Punakha
Day 04| Visit Punakha Dzong, Overnight in HOTEL | Dewachen continue with tours itinerary
Tour Duration: 11 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Dochu La Pass, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang, Taktsang monastery, Chele La Pass
Date: All months
Cost of Trip: email us
paro, thimpu, punakha, trongsa, jakar, phobjikha tour Kingdom of Happiness Cultural Tours with optional hike Day 01| Arrival in Paro – Thimphu Tour (1 Hr)
Day 02| Thimphu – Punakha Tours (2 ½ Hrs)
Day 03| Punakha sightseeing Tours — continue with tour itinerary
Trip Duration: 10 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Trongsa, Jakar, Phobjikha
Date: every day
Cost of Tours: email us
bhutan tour Western & Central Bhutan cultural Tour / trekking Day 01| Arrival in Paro, Bhutan
Day 02| Paro Sightseeing Tours
Day 03| Paro - ThimphuTours (Drive 1 Hr) — continue with tours itinerary
Tour Duration: 12 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Jakar / Bumthang, Ura Valley (Festival), Trongsa
Date: Flexible
Cost of Trip: email us
paro festival tour Paro Festival cultural Tours / trekking Day 01| Arrival in Paro
Day 02| Paro Festival Tour
Day 03| Paro Festival Tour
Day 04| Paro – Thimphu (1.5 Hrs) — continue with tours itinerary
Tour Duration: 08 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Punakha halt
Date: April
Cost of Trip: email us
punakha festival tour Punakha Festival Cultural Tour with hike to Tiger's nest Day 01| Arrival in Paro – Thimphu Tours (1.2 Hrs)
Day 02| Thimphu sightseeing Tours
Day 03| Thimphu – Punakha (2.5 Hrs)
Day 04| Punakha Festival — continue with tour itinerary
Trip Length: 10 Days
Places Covered : Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Phobjikha, Phobjikha halt
Date:March, April, November
Cost of Trip: email us
phuntsoling thimpu, punakha, paro tour Phuntsoling-Thimpu-Punakha-Paro culture Tour / trekking Day 01| Phuntsoling – Thimphu Tour (6 Hrs)
Day 02| Thimphu Sightseeing Tour
Day 03| Thimpu - Punakha Tours (2 ½ Hrs) — continue with tours itinerary
Tour Length: 07 Days
Places Covered : Phuntsoling, Thimpu, Punakha/Wangdue, Paro
Date: Flexible
Cost of Trip: email us

Fixed Departure Tour of Bhutan for 2016

Photo/Map Dates Tour Name Price USD
clip_image002.jpg 12 September 2016 Short Tour in Bhutan - 03 Days
Paro Tiger nest and Thimpu
$500 View Tour
clip_image002.jpg 18 September 2016 Bhutan Tour Highlight - 04 Days
Thimpu  to Thanksang
$720 View Tour
clip_image002.jpg 10 October 2016 Bhutan Trekking Tour - 10 Days
Druk Path Trek
$2250 View Tour
clip_image002.jpg 13 October 2016 Last Shangri-La Bhutan Tour - 06 Days 
Paro to Pobjika
$1500 View Tour
clip_image002.jpg 11 November 2016 Bhutan Easy Tour Kingdom of Cloud - 08 Days
Paro, thimpu, Punakha and pobjikha
$1750 View Tour

Bhutan Tours Information

Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan has many festivals throughout the year. Many travellers try to attend at least one festival during their visit. ' Tsechu' is a festival tp honor of Guru Ringpoche  believed originated from a Lotus flower, also famous as "Padmasambhava", a Tantrik guru. Tsechu festival is religious celebrations because people believe merits come with this celebration.  festival is also social gathering where the people all over Bhutan come to rejoice, dressed in finery together.
we offer Festival Tour to understand the nation's vibrant religion & Culture. you get the chance to learn about Bhutanese way of life and enjoy unique hospitality. we are offering different festival tour all around the year so feel free to ask.

Tours and trek Guides in Bhutan

All of our guides are trained by Government and licensed. Guides have good knowledge of history, culture, religion, nature and more. also hospitable, friendly and fluent in English language too. we have some special guide who speaks different languages like Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and more...

Bhutan Tourist visa

  • Getting into Bhutan is easy for travelers if you plan in advance with professional travel company.
  • Travel company arranges visas and all formalities few weeks before the travel date.
  • Passport must be at least 6 months valid at the end of travel date. if passport has minimum 2 pages empty space that will be great because one page for Bhutan visa stamp and another page you may use for another country's visa if you are travelling more places after Bhutan.
  • Visa is  issued by foreign affairs , for tourist visa we as a tour operator apply and get it for you.
  • We send your visa copy on your e-mail, which you need to print and carry.

Bhutanese Food

Bhutanese people eat Vegetables, hot chilies, rice, maize and wheat. National dish is chili and cheese(Ema Datse), other foods are ; cheese or meat dumpling (momo), salad of cucumber, tomato, onion and cheese. Bhutanese food is normally spicy so be careful while you are ordering your foods.

Bhutanese Drink for travelers

We suggest to use bottled water for drinking. local alcohol is ARA which is distilled after fermentation of rice or wheat or corn. modern drinks are also available such as coke, sprite, Pepsi, Miranda, mountain dew....


Bhutan has generated own hydro and supplied all over country, there is no problem of power cut in cities. the supply is 220 voltage, 50 cycles ac with 3 prong plugs like many Asian countries. but your hotels provide converter for your electric devices if needed.


Now a day's Bhutan has good networks of mobile phone and internet facilities in major cities but in remote areas internet might be too slow. if you have international roaming telephone it will work in Bhutan. television and  radio stations are well developed. touris can buy local sim card at arrival in Bhutan airport/town too.

Culture and Bhutanese People

Bhutan is famous for gross happiness. most people live in rural areas who welcome visitors by smiling. People are religious and polite. they go to Dzongs daily and pray. mostly practice buddhism.

Bhutanese people can be grouped in three groups - Indo-Mongoloid, Ngalongs and Lhotsampas. Indo-Mangoloid lives in Eastern Bhutan.  Ngalongs lives in western part of Bhutan since 9th century. Lhotsampas are living in southern side of Bhutan and speak Nepalese language as they were originated from Nepal.

weather and climate in Bhutan

Spring time march and may , fall season September to November has good weather . December to February is winter and cold outside in morning and evening time but nice and sunny during day time. July and august is rainy season so expect rain but weather is unpredictable like other places in the world. if you go higher altitude is cooler and lower altitude is warmer in Bhutan. due to mountains can enjoy nice breeze too. most of the days are clear except monsoon and good for hiking.

Tariff for Bhutan package tours

Tour package cost for Bhutan  is given by the Royal Government of Bhutan on per person per for night:

High Season (September- November,  March -May)

  • 03 pax or above: USD 250 per person per day. for special offer please e-mail us
    We have special Bhutan tour package for single traveler and couples.

Low Season ( July-August, December-February)

  • 03 pax & above: USD 200 per person per day. for special deal contact us.
    For cost of 1 pax and 2 pax please e-mail us

Bhutan visa fees is USD 40 per person

* Above given package cost includes hotels, all meals, guide, transportation in land, entry fees to monuments, government taxes. some extra cost like flights, drinks, insurance and unforeseen costs.

How to get Bhutan

Druk air and Bhutan airlines are flying to Bhutan daily.
We have only one international airport and it is situated at an elevation of 2,200 meters (7220 feet) in Paro, Bhutan.

The gateway cities into Paro, Bhutan are:

  • Kathmandu, Nepal - Daily
  • Singapore - 3 flights a week
  • Guwahati, India 2 flights
  • Mumbai, India 2 flights
  • Bangkok, Thailand - Daily
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh 4 flights
  • Kolkata, India 3 flights
  • Gaya, India 2 flights
  • New Delhi, India 5 flights
  • Bagdora, India 2 flights

Luggage weight limits are:

  • 30 kilograms for Business Class ticket
  • 20 kilogram for Economy Class ticket

Extra luggage cost per kilogram is:

  • US $6.00 / kg from BKK
  • US $5.00 / kg from DEL
  • US $3.50 / kg from all others

Accommodations in Bhutan

Now a days there are a lot of new hotels constructed in Bhutan. Some high end luxury hotels like Le Meridian, Como hotels (Uma Paro and Punakha), Taj Tashi, Aman kora in 5 locations (Thimphu, Punakha, Paro, Gangtey and Bumthang).  there are many other Boutique hotels Tashi Namgey Resort, Ziwaling, Gangtey palace, Dewachen, Terma linca, Namgey heritage, Dhensa resort e.t.c. high end hotels have nice restaurants with expert chefs.

Being a  small kingdom and developing nation has many tourist standard 3 stars hotels and resorts. these kind of hotels have small restaurants and provide Bhutanese and continental foods.

During trekking we use luxury tents and use our professional cooks to serve varieties foods. some village home stay options are possible too if needed but must book in advance.

Bhutan-Japan relationship offer
Bhutan and Japan are celebrating 30 years of close diplomatic relations in 2016. Japan playing most  important role in development from starting of relationship for agriculture
Big groups of first Japanese visited Bhutan in 1975; a year after Bhutan allowed tourists to visit Bhutan. Ever since Japan is an important source market for Bhutan. After the visit of royal families in 2011, the interest of travel to Kingdom of Bhutan increased among Japanese. This led to huge increase in arrivals for 2012 and developed positive perceptions on Bhutan.

The 30th year of friendship between Japan and Bhutan is blessed by three special events in the history of Bhutan.
• The birth year of Guru Rinpoche, the Precious Teacher who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan
• The 400th anniversary of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal’s arrival in Bhutan
• Bhutan welcoming and rejoicing in the birth of a Crown Prince. Therefore, in this auspicious yea the Royal Government of Bhutan is happy to present the “Bhutan - Japan Friendship Offer” as part of the celebration to mark the occasion.

Bhutan – Japan Friendship Offer validity dates
The “Bhutan and Japan relationship Offer” is for Japanese nationals only for the months of June, July & August 2016. source -

Latest Review Hello Deepak
We have come back last Sunday from and exciting and an adventurous trip to your country. It was exciting climbing and trekking those mountains .We stayed at some decent hotels, however the food was average. The guide and the driver you provided were excellent. Nawang was a font of knowledge , both local and international, the driver Jeevan was very good and careful, and he made the journey very comfortable.We enjoyed all the sights we visited and every day we looked forward to a ne destination. The downside to the trip was the condition of the roads, I understand that the Government has undertaken the road widening project from Thimphu to Bumthang . We found it extremely tiring because of the many bad road conditions on the way.Bhutan is unspoilt and we would visit again.The whole experience was well worth the visit.

John Pereira | Email:
From USA,
In February and March 2015, my wife and I were able to visit Bhutan. Our trip and itinerary was arranged with the assistance of Rajan and his company. We were extremely pleased with the accommodations, tours, guides and drivers which served us during this three-week holiday; and can highly recommend this company and its owner to anyone who is considering traveling in these beautiful countries.
Thanks again for everything.
Chip & Madeline Thomas

Mercer Island, Washington
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